• Maximum weight suspended from the lens mount: 4 (8.81 lbs) ➝ including lens, mattebox, motors and/or any other accessory to be placed in front of the system.

Do not hold the upper part of the Freelensing Cine® (especially with the camera on) UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES it can lead to breakage of the system, as well as the fall of the complete camera equipment ➝ is designed to withstand the load of the lenses in the established range (max 4 kg).
  • To change it or to hold it by the sides (where it says FREELENSING CINE®).
  • Vibrations induced in the system can affect the image.
Do not exert force if you feel resistance in any position.
The Freelensing Cine® should always be positioned vertically and upwards, without inverting or turning it upside down. This may cause deterioration of the product.

For 9:16 or vertical perspective images, only rotate the camera while keeping the system in vertical position, i.e.: lay the camera inside the system.

  • To store the Freelensing Cine® it is recommended to lock the locks in these positions:
    • Y-axis at its maximum travel.
    • X-axis ➝ centered.
    • Rotation of X at 0º.
    • Rotation of Y at +20º.
  • To change the lens, it is advisable to lock the TILT of the Y axis (vertical rotation).
  • Operating temperature of use: between 0ºC and 40ºC avoiding direct sun, dust, rain, ice. Storage temperature between -10ºC and + 50ºC avoiding direct sunshine.
  • Avoid corrosive agents, both basic and acidic.
  • Do not hit.
  • Use the tools provided with the system.
  • Always supervise all the axes and their fixation.
  • The camera must be correctly fixed and centered with respect to the 19mm rod BridgePlate so that the lens is placed in the correct position with respect to the Freelensing Cine® marks.
  • Keep the complete image in the projection circle, avoid split images (image circle and black) with shifting movements.
  • Lens elements protruding into the sensor from the mount must be carefully analysed and the user is responsible for any damage to the lens.
  • In the event of any resistance to movement, abstain from forcing it and/or continuing to exert pressure.
  • Before moving the camera it is advisable to keep the System locked.
  • Do not grease.

The instruction manual will be ready by the end of May.  Any questions please contact: contact@freelensingcine.com