1. Choose the appropriate camera mount (ARRI ALEXA MINI LF, SONY VENICE 1&2, RED V-RAPTOR & RED DSMC2)
  2. Fix the corresponding camera mount to the bellows
  3. Prepare de camera at the standard 19mm height —> The camera must have the necessary Risers to reach the 19mm height of the 19mm studio, and the Dovetail must be centered
  4. Remove the PL or LPL mount that is placed on the camera body
  5. Insert the camera into the Freelensing Cine® or the other way around —> use the 19mm rods
  6. Align the Freelensing Cine® to the sensor of the camera —>  look through the holes on both side arms of the Freelensing Cine® and make sure they match the mark of the sensor

7. Place the camera mount (already installed in the bellows of the Freelensing Cine®) —>  align it with the screws already inserted and tighten them in each of the corresponding holes of the camera

8. Set all Freelensing Cine® settings to “0” (except Z-axis) —> Z-axis adjustment knob to 52mm PL

9. Finish adjusting —> by moving that object closer or further away from the Freelensing Cine® until the object is sharp and in focus.

10. Fix all camera peripherals (rods, etc) and tighten the red 3/8 screw located above the serial number, inside a 3/8 hole

11. As of this moment… FREE YOUR LENS, FREE YOUR MIND.